UK mortgages for overseas residents

Are you an overseas resident interested in UK mortgages? Whether seeking for advice on the rates and available UK mortgages to suit you, we ensure you get the necessary information for your satisfaction. Our mortgage consultants are amongst the best and most reliable in Singapore.

Offshore mortgages

Buying property in the UK has never been easy. Since your main income does not come from the UK, we recommend offshore mortgages from Singapore lenders. Otherwise known as international mortgage, offshore mortgage from the Lion City is recommended due to its friendliness for offshore residents. They are available in Singapore Dollar or British Sterling Pound. If you earn a minimum annual income of SGD$100,000, we can help you find the right ones. If you have obtained Singapore Permanent Resident status, your choices are even more!

BVI company

These mortgages are equally suitable for companies wishing to own property in the UK. If you have a British Virgin Islands (BVI) company setup to purchase London homes.


This international mortgage plan is advantageous if you have never resided in the UK before and do not harbor any intentions of living in the UK. They are specifically for buy-to-let homes in London!

Why FindaHomeLoan

In the mortgage brokerage for some time now, we are well positioned to help you find the right solution . Our wealth of experience leaves you equipped with the necessary information to decide.

We help you settle on the most suitable mortgage. No finders or arrangement fees.

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