Expat mortgages for UK (London) properties

London Property loan

With the rising popularity of UK properties globally, obtaining the right mortgage that suit your needs is important. While there are hundreds of mortgage lenders in the UK, many have stopped or capped lending to expatriates and foreigners residing outside London. FindaHomeLoan, your global mortgage partner, helps to source for mortgages for London homes.

Singapore mortgages for London properties

Singapore-based banks have been extending terms to UK properties. Asians generally have keen interests in brick-and-mortar assets, as seen in the increasing mix of buyers from this part of the world. Hence such lending is not new and we are well-versed and connected with the lenders and their assessment criteria.

Mortgages are typically available for buy-to-let properties in London. Interest rates are also lower than what’s offered elsewhere. These rates are pegged to either SIBOR or the lender’s cost of funds. The typical Loan-to-Value is 70% and the tenure can be stretched to age 75.

Expat mortgages from Singapore

If you are a British expatriate living and working outside of the UK, or a foreign national looking for London property, we at FindaHomeLoan can assist. In case you think that there’s a shortage of lenders to match your mortgage requirements because you are an expatriate, you are quite right. But we know the available lenders and what and where they can offer!

We aim to simplify the property financing process whilst providing the list of mortgages suitable to your requirements and circumstances. For those who seek to release equity, you can access these mortgages too.

If you work for a high profile firm or multi-national corporation with computerized payslips and annual income exceeding $100,000.00 Singapore dollars, we can help you.

Our customers have used our mortgage brokerage services in obtaining financing from Singapore-based banks. They are happy with the low interest rates, long tenure and stability and strengths of the banks.

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