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If you are an expatriate and want to purchase or re-mortgage a property in UK, the whole process can be very complicated if you are not familiar with the guidelines outside UK. Learn how we help expats obtain mortgages.

UK Expat Mortgage Broker

The procedure has become more complex ever since Lloyds Banking Group withdrew from the expat mortgage market. But there has been certain improvement thanks to our UK expats mortgage services which ease out the procedure by providing a professional advisor who is experienced and well versed in the mortgage market.

It is very important that the finance be done quickly and securely to avoid any problems during the purchase. We are experienced in providing financial help for purchase of property, mortgages for expat community, re-mortagaging property for more equity or reduction in interest rate. An expat needs to take the best UK expat mortgages advice. You need an established broker, like FindaHomeLoan who has immense knowledge and experience in the mortgage market to obtain hassle free finance and navigate through the guidelines and lending criteria.

Our Services

Our advisors are assigned personally to you to ensure that the whole application process, communication with the banks and solicitors are smoothly carried out. We listen to your needs and source for the suitable lenders from our real-time database. Our recommendations are the best in the industry. Be it a new purchase, equity release or refinancing, your mortgage is in our safe hands.

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