What property are you refinancing?

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Refinancing UK investment home

If you looking to refinance or remortgage because you’re at the end of a fixed rate deal or because you simply want to save money with lower rates, our Refinance Comparison calculator provides an indication of the best deals currently on the market.

Once you’ve found a deal, leave an enquiry for a callback by our mortgage consultant and we’ll help see if you qualify or if there are better options available from Singapore and UK banks. We’ll manage your application from start to finish and will aim to help you save time and money on your UK home.

Refinance considerations

Many of the refinance deals by our refinance comparison calculator will only be available through independent brokers like us. The calculator demonstrates our transparency on the rates available in Singapore and UK.
When you’ve found a deal that you think is right for you, request a callback and we will review your current mortgage terms, understand your profile and needs and recommend the best way to refinance (or stay with the current bank).

You should take note of these considerations:
Rates and monthly repayment
Your ability to service the loan
Documents required by banks
Property location
Bank and processing fees