Case study: Non-resident refinancing investment mortgage

southbank, melbourne

If you’re a non-resident that’s paying more than 5% mortgage rate for an investment property in Australia, find out how Colin reduced his interest rate with our help.

Non-resident refinancing Southbank apartment

Mr Colin Tan (not his real name) has saved more than $400 a month in mortgage repayment on his investment property by switching to a new lender after his repayments crept up in the past 12 months.

His residential property is located in Southbank, Melbourne. His mortgage rate started at 4.59% in 2016 and crept to almost 6% after the expiry of the fixed rates. Despite record RBA interest rate at 1.5%, the tightening on lending practices on foreign investors left him with little options in Australia. When the loan repayment crept up, we helped him to source for a lower rate and sustainable mortgage solution available to non-residents.

The higher repayment resulted in a poor investment cashflow position. We looked at his personal profile, income and debt documentations and quality of his property. Bear in mind he is a foreigner working overseas outside Australia. We found cheaper rates in Australia and Singapore. After much consideration, the loan terms he took up through our advisory services are:

  • Non-resident foreign investor refinance from Australia lender to Singapore bank

  • Property is in acceptable catchment area (Southbank, Melbourne)

  • New mortgage interest rate of 4% variable at time of writing

  • Period is 30 years

  • Negative gearing-friendly

  • Full redemption or exit of the loan is allowed after 1 year

Many foreigner borrowers are paying rates above 5% and some are paying close to 7%. If you are seeking refinancing and have trouble meeting the tough new income standards, or lending policies, contact us with your details and our mortgage consultant will follow up.



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