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Australia Home Loan Overview

Who can get a overseas home loan for Australia properties?

There are different home loan types available for different types of borrowers, whether you are a citizen of New Zealand, a foreign citizen working in Australia or a non-resident (foreign) citizen living overseas.

Australia citizens and permanent residents (PR)
Australia citizen and PR working overseas
New Zealand citizens and permanent residents (PR)
Non-resident/Foreign citizens working overseas
Non-resident/Foreign citizens working in Australia

How much can I borrow?

We are pleased to share our non-resident Australia property investors have successfully obtain financing.

For non-residents or foreigners outside Australia, up to 70% is available. Lending options are from Singapore and Australia.

If you are an overseas Australia or New Zealand citizen or PR, up to 80% of the property value is available.
House and land financing are offered by lenders in Australia.
Interest-only repayments are still offered.
Our home loan consultants will assess your profile, documents and property details and recommend you the right mortgage option.

What are the features of overseas Australia non-resident mortgages?

The general features are:

Maximum LTV/ LVR: Up to 75% for non-residents, 80% for Australia citizens/ PR
Loan term/ tenure: Up to 35 years
Minimum internal size: No restriction
Construction home loans: Available
Extra/partial repayments: Available
Redraw: Available
100% offset: Available
Multi-currency repayment: Available in Singapore or Australia dollars

Although the features vary depending on the bank, our mortgage brokers can usually find you a suitable loan that matches your profile and meets your requirements.

Home loan fees

Australia home loans typically comes with fees. These can include:

processing or establishment fees;
settlement fees;
valuation fees;
lender legal fees;
annual fees;
fees associated with progressive repayments for construction loans;
fees for using features such as an offset account of redraw facility, and;
fees associated with making extra repayments.

Home loan features

We look at the common features of Australia home loans.
Offset account
Choosing a loan with an offset account can help you to reduce the amount of interest you pay over the lifetime of the loan.

The offset account functions as a savings or transaction account linked to your mortgage, with the money held here being taken into account when calculating the interest on your home loan.

Redraw facility
You could be ahead of your mortgage repayment schedule, because you have made extra repayments over time. You can withdraw these extra payments by redrawing it, subject to your lender’s terms and conditions. This is different from cash out (also known as equity loan).

Interest-only repayments
Some banks allow you to make interest-only mortgage repayments for a certain period.

Australia banks versus Singapore banks

We explain some considerations when choosing the right financier.

Australia banks process loans at completion or settlement. Singapore banks provide loan contracts anytime before completion, even during construction.

Australia banks accept more property types. Singapore banks prefer apartments and townhouses. No financing for land and construction.

Australia banks are fine with most locations unless undesirable while Singapore banks recognise selected suburbs.

Interest-only repayment is offered by Australia banks but not by Singapore ones.