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Australia Home Loan



One-stop mortgage shop for Australia home loans from banks and lenders in Singapore and Australia. More than 10 banks are in our network. These mortgages are available for apartments, off the plan properties, land/construction, companies, trust & commercial. Singapore citizens, Australia residents, expats, tax residents and foreigners are eligible. We have solutions for anyone anywhere in Australia. Compare with us today.



Australia financing may include a wide variety of options that are not available in other countries such as Singapore.


FLOATING RATES – It fluctuates according to market conditions, pegs to rates set by Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), SIBOR or the bank's cost of funds.


FIXED RATES – You may choose to have few years of the mortgage pegged to fixed rates. You will have a constant monthly repayment schedule, allowing you to plan your financials better. Generally recommended in a rising interest rate environment.


INTEREST-ONLY MORTGAGE – You pay only interest during a period of years, up to 10 years. Principal amount do not change even after paying interest only for few years.



REDRAW – A facility that allows withdraw the additional payments on top of the minimum required repayment schedule. It can work as easy as transferring these funds from the mortgage account to the savings account. This is offered by selected banks in Singapore and Australia.


INTEREST OFFSET – Allows any deposits such as spare cash, salary to earn similar interest as the mortgage and offset the interest incurred on the mortgage. Up to 100% interest offset is available, which means you can pay zero interest.


LTV/ LVR - Up to 80% and 30 years tenure are available.



We offer mortgages denominated in Singapore dollar (SGD) or Australian dollar (AUD). You can either choose a single currency or multi-currency allowing switching between SGD and AUD. Only AUD-denominated home loans are offered in Australia.



Starting with interest-only gives you maximum on repayment. Not only you are committed to a lower repayment amount, you can also choose to create your own P+I repayment schedule. If you prefer conventional repayments, just simply make additional repayments every month on top of the interest-only portion.



Many countries have implemented frameworks to help consumers manage their debt. The Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) was introduced by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). It caps a borrower’s limit at 60% of the gross monthly income. If you are concerned about the impact of TDSR on Australia mortgages, we can help you obtain financing elsewhere in Australia. Talk to us like the many who found our services reliable and trustworthy.

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