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Japan Investment Mortgages

If you’re buying a property in Japan and Greater Tokyo to rent out, you must get an investment mortgage. These mortgages are not for owner occupation purpose.
Investment mortgages for non-residents of Japan and foreigners are offered by very few banks globally. Our mortgage solutions are specifically for this segment.

This mortgage comparison calculator helps you narrow down the lending options available and computes estimated repayments and rates. Our independent mortgage consultant will discuss and shortlist the most suitable investment home loan.

General non-resident mortgage features

Maximum LTV/ LVR: Up to 70% for non-residents
Loan term/ tenure: 30 years maximum
Minimum internal size: Not applicable
Construction home loans: Not available
Multi-currency repayment: Available in Singapore dollars or Japanese yen
Interest rates: Variable and fixed rates
Repayment: Principal and interest
Acceptable property: Residential homes in selected wards