Refinance Mortgage

What property are you refinancing?

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Refinance USA mortgage

If your home loan package is about to finish its lock in period, it makes sense to shop around for a new rate to compare the interest savings. You may switch to lower variable rate or fixed rate. Some clients choose to extend loan tenure for lower monthly repayments.

Alternatively, you may cash out and extract the equity in the property.

You can refinance and cash out even if you are a non-US citizen, foreigner, do not have valid US visa.

No income documents are required!

Variable and fixed rates are available. Your loan can last up to 30 years.

Typical fees are for conveyancing and valuation. Conveyancing work is performed by lawyers or in-house. Inspection is required too, carried out by an appointed valuer. There could be fees imposed by banks for processing, administration, annual.