What property are you refinancing?

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What is refinancing?

If your home loan package is about to finish its lock in period, it makes sense to shop around for a new rate to compare the interest savings. You may switch to lower variable rate or fixed rate. Some clients choose to extend loan tenure for lower monthly repayments. We are experts in Australia non-resident mortgages and we will make refinancing easy for you.
Non-residents may refinance from Australia to Singapore, or vice versa or between lenders in Australia. Australia citizens and PRs have many lender options in Australia with varying terms.

Refinance considerations

Timing is everything. Getting a new mortgage rate in place can avoid you paying extra to the bank. It makes good sense to explore refinancing 3 months before the expiry of lock in. Always factor in more time if you are refinancing from Singapore to Australia.
One should look out for lending criteria unique to the lender. Our Australia mortgage consultant may advise you to switch to a specific lender over another one, because of the internal size of the apartment, location of the property and other reasons. Choosing to repay the mortgage in Singapore dollars than Australia dollars is a common discussion point for Singapore-based investors. Our consultant will explain the benefits,
risks and procedures of multi-currency home loans.

What are the fees involved?

Typical fees are for conveyancing and valuation. Conveyancing work is performed by lawyers or in-house. Inspection is required too, carried out by an appointed valuer. There could be fees imposed by banks for processing, administration, annual. These fees would start from AUD$1000 and above.