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Understanding Australia Home Loans

Make sure the property you choose can be financed.
Compare the home loan options available from Singapore and Australia.
Keep updated on lending policies. They do change regularly.
Most loans are available for investment purpose only.
Rates for Australia non-residents and foreigners are different from Australia citizens and PR.

Lending Criteria

Banks have their own criteria and policy around investment property loans for Australia non-residents, in addition to government policies. Typical ones are:
Internal size
Citizenship of purchasers
Verifiability of income and debt documents
Location and type of property
Serviceability of borrowers

This Australia home loan comparison calculator is built specifically for Australia non-resident property investors. It provides you a comparison guide on the latest lending options from Singapore and Australia banks.

General features

Maximum LTV/ LVR: Up to 70% for non-residents, 80% for Australia citizens/ PR
Loan term/ tenure: 30 years maximum
Minimum internal size: Some banks have no restriction, some require minimum 50sqm
Construction home loans: Available
Multi-currency repayment: Available in Singapore or Australia dollars
Interest rates: Variable and fixed rates
Repayment: Principal and interest, interest-only

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