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Guide to obtaining an Overseas property loan in Singapore

Guide to obtaining an Overseas property loan in Singapore

There are not many banks in Singapore that finance overseas properties. How do you navigate through the TDSR guidelines and individual bank criteria? What are the usual concerns in obtaining an overseas property loan in Singapore?

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Expat mortgages for UK (London) properties

With the rising popularity of UK properties globally, obtaining the right mortgage that suit your needs is important. While there are hundreds of mortgage lenders in the UK, many have stopped or capped lending to expatriates and foreigners residing outside London. FindaHomeLoan, your global mortgage partner, helps to source for mortgages for London homes.

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London Mortgages for Foreigners

It is quite a demanding task to obtain mortgages in the United Kingdom especially if one is working outside UK. Since the Global Financial Crisis, offshore foreigners and expatriates find their financing options getting lesser. We look at the mortgages available for them for London properties.

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UK expats mortgages advice

If you are an expatriate and want to purchase or re-mortgage a property in UK, the whole process can be very complicated if you are not familiar with the guidelines outside UK. Learn how we help expats obtain mortgages.

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