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8 factors driving Singapore’s property price decline

Singapore property market has seen a slew of measures taken by the authorities and monetary regulator to cool it further. The overall market is quite frozen, with less than 1000 transactions in the private property segment last month. Prices have inadvertently come down. We look at the number of factors behind this price decline.

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Purchasing Executive Condominiums: How Much Can You Afford and Borrow?

We have released this easy-to-read table showing the impact on mortgages for ECs. Learn about how financing for ECs work, and whether MSR is applicable. Updated with latest announcement by MND & HDB.

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HDB housing loan or bank loan? Reasons to choose a HDB housing loan

Looking at the present low interest rates, HDB concessionary loan borrowers wonder if they should take advantage of the lower bank interest rates to opt for HDB bank loan instead. We examine the common factors to help you decide.

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Making sense of the new ruling on Residential Loan Tenure

Since MAS announced the cooling measure on 5 October 2012, there has been much talk about the implementation and impact of the latest 'cooling measures' ruling on Singapore residential loan tenure. You certainly need to understand how this may impact you.

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