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Singapore Refinance Commercial Property Loan

Refinance Singapore Commercial Property Loan

Acceptable Securities For Commercial Property Loan

Different types of security represent different risks to the banks. The common commercial properties are often accepted as a security to secure a commercial property loan.

Acceptable Securities:



Warehouses (including showrooms and storage units).

Retail space.

Shop house.

These securities share common characteristics such as:

having a wide appeal,

is in a good location,

and is zoned as residential, commercial, industrial or mixed.

Other non-standard commercial properties are more difficult to value and sell so they are a higher risk to the bank and thus, limitation in financing options:



Child care / preschools.

Petrol stations.

Pubs / Restaurants.


Private schools.

Should You Refinance?

If you answer YES to one of the below questions, you are at the right place. FindAHomeLoan can assist you to expand your business and keep your business moving or investment going.

Do you own one of the above commercial property and you’re looking to refinance?

Did you acquire the property under company name or personal? Now you need a bank to provide the most competitive mortgage.

Or you seek to cash out with a term loan on the appreciated value of your property to take advantage of that business opportunity you sniff out.

What if you want to go easy on your monthly obligations and business expenses? You may opt to service your property loan with repaying interest only to give you more financial breathing space.

Or you need a financial institution to accept minimal income documentations proof and provide a lifeline?

Enquire today and our refinance commercial property consultants will discuss with you.




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