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Subsidizing Legal Fee Clawback

Those intending to refinance often only look at the interest rates and monthly repayments for comparison. They missed out the importance of timing. They may not realize that legal fee subsidy could be clawed back by the existing bank.

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How much are conveyancing (legal) fees?

With rising costs such as inflation, overheads of conveyancing (CVY) account, legal fees seemed to be increasing over the last few years. Learn about conveyancing (legal) fees for property loan before seeking a lawyer.

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Banks withdraw legal and valuation subsidies (2012)

Since 2012, banks started withdrawing housing loan subsidies. It certainly caused some confusion and finger pointing during the initial days. Customers were not happy. Let's look at the list of banks and their subsidies.

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Breaking news: No more legal subsidy and freebies (Oct 2012)

The biggest news in Oct 2012 for the home loan market is Singapore banks have stopped giving home loan freebies! 

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