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Obtaining an equity home loan in Singapore

Many homeowner consider using an equity home loan as a debt consolidation loan to pay off their existing car, education and personal loans. Some use the cash proceeds for further investments. How much do you know about the process of obtaining an equity home loan in Singapore?

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Introduction to cash out loan in Singapore

With the increase in property prices in Singapore, owners have another option to borrow cash on their private and commercial properties. With rates hovering around 1.5%, borrowers practically get cheap cash on the increased equity of their property. How do you proceed to cash out?

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How much can I borrow from equity/term/cashout loan?

For those wanting to get a equity loan, it is very important to obtain high valuation and loan to value ratio from the banks. In this way, you can borrow maximum equity loan amount from banks on the private property and commercial. Equity loan is also known as term or cash out loan.

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Cash Out: Refinancing with Subsidy

Cashing out is about borrowing from the bank against the equity of your property. This is allowed for private property in Singapore, and not for HDB flats. It remains a popular approach to borrow money cheaply and spread repayments over a long period.

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