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Australia Refinance


Why Refinance Australia Loan

Options in Singapore and Australia

FindAHomeLoan works directly with banks and lenders in Singapore and Australia. We are also the first Singapore-based company to have presence in Australia, via our sister company (FAHL AUS PTY LTD). Our network and reach ensure customers have the maximum lending options for consideration. Whether you intend to refinance from Singapore to Australia, or vice versa, you can be assured of our recommendations. Whether you are an Australian expat, offshore foreigner, Permanent Resident, citizen or non-resident, trust us to help you.


Australia Interest Rates

You can choose from a range of floating, fixed and interest-only mortgages. From more than 20 home loan packages, be assured you can compare Australia mortgages and find the right solution. We are well-placed to advise if Singapore or Australia dollar denominated mortgage makes sense. We know all about FX margin risks. Our experiences helps you in choosing the right mortgage and we can apply with every bank in Singapore and Australia.


Why Refinance

There are several reasons to make such a move. Most commonly, you can save money. Interest rates have gone down and you can obtain a lower rate, you should enquire on how much savings you can get. Singapore dollar loans are cheaper while Australia dollar mortgages come with features not available elsewhere. This Australia Refinance Calculator shows you the savings, monthly repayments and interest rates.


Extending the Tenure

If your debt ratio is high in Singapore, extending the tenure can reduce monthly repayments to help you fall within the ratio. Some mortgage products allow 30 years tenure and almost no age cap.


Our Experience

We have reasons to strongly believe that we are the most experienced Singapore-based mortgage consultancy firm. We worked with banks in Singapore, lenders in Australia, and private lenders. We also know the paperwork and procedures for WA, VIC, NSW, QLD and NT. We have established a network of settlement agents, property management agents, real estate agents, remittance agents, immigration consultants and tax accountants, that can benefit you. View our experiences here.


Australia Mortgage Fees

There are fees associated with refinancing. Typical ones are bank charges and valuation costs. Look out for break costs too if you took a fixed rate loan. Don’t worry about these technical details, leave it to us to work out the costs and benefits.


Media Coverage

We are proud to establish thought leadership with the media. Our opinions and interviews are published in The Straits Times, The Sunday Times, Channel 5, Channel 8 and Channel News Asia in Singapore. Read more about the profiles of the FindAHomeLoan team.




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